martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

Too much party

Too much party
too much dance
too much party
techno and trance.

Progre morning
is amazing
Jumping, dancing
like a crazy.

Feel the rush
inside your body,
jump and dance
don't stop the party!

Every weekend
every sunday

Move your feet,
move your arms,
shake your belly,
shake your ass.

Close your eyes,
feel the heat,
clap your hands,
keep the beat.

Too much party,
let's go dance!
too much dancing
techno and trance!

Dance the evening,
dance the night,
dance the morning,
dance in trance.

Dance in circles,
drink a shot,
wear sunglasses,
pick a smoke.

If you feel like
you are tired
keep on moving,
keep on dancing.

And when the music stops,
say goodbye to your friends,
clap your hands to the djs,
and then go to your bed.

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